The Devils Attic 1

The time was 11:11 on a Saturday night; the sky was clear with a full moon with a strange orange color. You are driving in your car when out of nowhere a violent storm hits, the rain preventing you from seeing the road ahead. Next thing you know you feel that your car has hit something and your tire pops. In the distance you see a strange building that seems to have a dull red glow surrounding it. With no other options you decide to pull over near the building to inspect the damages to your vehicle. You get out and notice you indeed have a flat on your front tire but also one on the back. You check your trunk, rain slamming down on top of you drenching your body, to find that you do not have a spare, but you do find an umbrella and flashlight. You reach into your pocket for your phone only to find that it is dead. With no other options you head towards the building hoping to find a phone within. As you near the door, which has a small space just enough to stand in to avoid the rain, you notice a small red plate with black letters. Before reading it you notice some of the letters have been crossed out and are unreadable. You can only make out WEL ME TO THE D ILS A IC. A sudden sense of foreboding descends upon you, you are unsure that it is a good idea to enter.

To stay outside and wait out the rain

To go inside the building


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